SavvyCal changelog
SavvyCal changelog

Save payment details for future use 💸




You can now toggle on "Save payment details for future use" on our Payments integration, to enable storing the scheduler's card on file in your Stripe account. This is helpful if you'd to use your scheduling link as the starting point for your customer relationship.


Integrate with Close CRM 🤝




Connect your Close account to automatically track lead activity when someone books a meeting. Learn more →


Switch to the scheduler's time zone when rescheduling a meeting 🔀




Leave the time zone math to us when trying to pick a reasonable time! 🤓


Prices now visible on link index pages 💸




If you have paid scheduling links visible on your index page, we now display the prices!


Customize the calendar to use for links right from the sidebar ⚙️




You no longer have to click through to advanced settings to see & customize which calendar to use for creating events.


Usage stats and event history for links




You can now see how many times a link has been used (by hovering over the ⚡️ icon) and click through to see a filtered view of all events booked via that link.


See "Busy" blocks for teammates on your collective scheduling links




When you add your colleagues to a scheduling link, you can now see blocks for when they are busy on the calendar preview (to get a better sense for why a particular range of time is unavailable). 🧠


Visible overrides on the link and availability editor 🎨




Any time you create an override on your links or availability presets, you'll now see the override on the interface. You can also now click the "Clear" button when highlighting a range that includes overrides to remove them!

Painting your availability has never been easier.


Reveal slots on mouse hover 🪄




Schedulers will now see time slots under their mouse when hovering over your link! This will further help alleviate confusion around where you can click on the interface.

CleanShot 2022-03-01 at 12.25.56.gif

Label your "Custom URL" locations 🔗




You can now set a custom label (visible on your booking page) for the "Custom URL" location type! Previously, these would always display as "Virtual Conferencing", but now you can label it whatever you'd would like.