SavvyCal changelog
SavvyCal changelog

Add email recipients to workflows ⚑️




Previously, you could only configure workflow emails to send to event attendees. Now, you can optionally add one or more email addresses to the recipient list. This is useful for notifying someone internally when an event gets booked!


Partial matching for time blocks 🧱




You can now configure a Time Blocks to match events if the title contains a piece of text. Previously, you had to match the exact event title when defining a time block.


Optional attendees πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ




You can now mark attendees as "optional" on your collective scheduling links. This is perfect for when you want to include a colleague on a calendar invite but don't need to factor in their free/busy times on the booking link.


Secure webhooks πŸ”’




This one is for the developers! You can now authenticate webhook payloads to ensure they are really coming from SavvyCal. Learn more β†’


Chrome extension 🌎




Save time with one-click access to your scheduling links from a Chrome extension. Propose times based on your availability natively in Gmail or anywhere you’re scheduling a meeting.

Also works with Brave and Microsoft Edge!

Install the extension β†’


Workflows: Focus on the meeting, not the busy work ⚑️




We're so excited to launch Workflows to go above and beyond custom meeting reminders with the ability to orchestrate multiple actions with your favorite no-code tools and native integrations.


You should be able to focus on the meeting, not the busy work.

Sales demos, customer support calls, podcast recordings, recruiting interviews β€” enough with the manual tasks!

Learn more β†’

Customize your email address on scheduling links πŸ’Œ




By popular demand, you can now add multiple email addresses to your SavvyCal account and override the default email address on your scheduling links! Learn more β†’


Custom questions & answers are now visible on event pages πŸ“




You can now see custom questions/answers on SavvyCal event pages (in addition to the calendar invite and confirmation emails).


Require approval before new events are added to your calendar πŸ›‘




Ever had someone use your scheduling link without your permission? (Awkward!) Now you can require approval before events are confirmed. Learn more β†’


Option to always gather phone number




You can now tell us to always gather the scheduler's phone number (previously we only gathered it if you chose the "Phone Call" location option). This is handy if you'd like to use the phone number to send a text message via Zapier, for example.